Monday, March 21, 2011

The Philosophy of Liberty - and Radiation Prevents Cancer!

Got a relatively short post for today.  First is a video I think everyone who has noticed the word 'liberty' being thrown meaninglessly around ought to see.  

Second, a link.  If you haven't heard about Ann Coulter's recent "Glowing Report on Radiation," about how the bright-green lining to the disasters in Japan is that high dosages of radiation effectively acts as a cancer vaccine, read it straight from the horse's mouth.  Before you ask, no, that was not meant as a crack about Ann Coulter's appearance.

Tomorrow, I'll post a new set of consciousness-raising exercises, but this evening I need to commune with my source.

Not Hera.


  1. I sometimes wish I was a peacock.....

  2. Your blog is a perfect sister site to my own! Two sides of the same coin really. The vid on liberty was pretty cool

  3. Peacock looks crazy. So many different colors.

  4. Now that peacock will get laid