Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Another music post

I'm working on a few monological posts, doing some reading and getting my ideas together.  In the meantime, I realized I haven't updated this blog in almost a week.  I hope you guys don't mind a few more music recommendations.  Also, vote in the poll to the right!

This one always brings me tranquility - the motif repeated throughout the song yields the feeling of cyclic existence, and the patterns created by the later harmonies wrap nicely around the wheel.  If I could listen to this song all at once, I think I would hear a mandala.  Even as I trace the sounds of it around the wheel, I feel like I'm in the center.

If that last one put you to sleep, this should wake you up.  It's an among the more calmly flowing things by this composer, but it's still got spunk.  I think he uses a steel guitar for this - it would explain the slidey notes.  Sorta reminds me of how much I'd love to get a continuum.  Click "read more" for the other two songs in this post.

This one's got a sort of bucolic majesty to it.  As you may have guessed from the kana in the midst of the Chinese characters on the screen, this one's from Japan.  I believe this song comes from an arranged version of the soundtrack from the first two Etrian Odyssey games.  Games by Atlus tend to have good soundtracks, in my experience.

The above three songs had no singing, so this one has two singers!  I love Pure Reason Revolution, and though I still need to hear their most recent album, and this has got to be my favorite song of theirs.  They're one of the bands I love to listen to for synchronicity - as they say in the song, "Slowly surely new meanings will come as everything arranges."  When I listen to music with lyrics, particularly on shuffle, they're often relevant to my mental situation - sometimes with the correct lyrics, other times with mondegreens.  Sometimes that makes me lean toward instrumentals, but it would take a lot to turn me away from this song.

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